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SPUR releases plan to guide economic growth in Bay Area

A San Francisco urban think tank has released a plan it hopes will help guide Bay Area planners and politicians ito create livable, lively and economically viable cities in the future. SPUR’s Agenda for Change puts forward a seven-point plan for regional cities – specifically San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland – in which they focus growth […]

Economic Recovery SF

We are very concerned about San Francisco’s economic recovery. Over the past two years our City has lost more than 40,000 private sector jobs; 13 million square feet of commercial space, much of it neighborhood retail, sits vacant and businesses of all sizes are struggling.

Despite these facts, we believe an economic turn-around is in sight. It is crucial that we remain committed to growth for local businesses of all shapes and sizes. No amount of local government spending will replace the private sector jobs lost in the recent recession. Only through sustained economic growth will we create the jobs, economic opportunity and tax revenue our City needs.

Support us in our mission to continue to put San Franciscans back to work and to keep San Francisco growing. Support Economic Recovery SF.

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